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  • Tom Brokaw Special:  Where Were You: The Day JFK Died
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Tom Brokaw Special "Where were you: The Day JFK Died" / NBC

Where Were You: The Day JFK Died,” reported by Tom Brokaw is a two-hour documentary that takes a look back at November 22, 1963, the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  By combining archival footage with unique, first person stories of those who lived through it, including Brokaw, the special offers a new perspective on what was and what might have been, since November 22, 1963





AGAINST NIGHT Written and Directed by Stefan Kubicki / AFI, Cynium Production

The late 1960s, heyday of the Soviet space program. A Soyuz capsule carrying two cosmonauts violently reenters the atmosphere, burning up. Miraculously, both men survive, landing far off-course in the remote frozen steppes of Mongolia. One of the men sets off, in the midst of a violent snowstorm, to search for rescue. On the verge of freezing to death, he finds a yurt in the wilderness, and seeks shelter inside. But this is no ordinary place, and no ordinary night, and the dawn is still very far away...


Nominated for a Student Academy Award in 2015, Richard P. Rogers Spirit of Excellence Award, Best Student Film Cine Gear Film Series,




BAD GUYS Directed by Ben Shelton, Written by Jameel Saleem / NBC

In this workplace comedy, the majority of employees are "bad guys" trying to climb the corporate ladder of an enterprise whose goal is world domination.




Sphere was created as a part of the project ‘Sketches from Virtual Space’. It is a part of the musical research on the ‘sounds of cyberspace’, the unrevealed world of cyberspatial architecture, geometry and philosophy. ‘Sphere’ illustrates the attractor called ‘Unravel’. Composed and performed by Lucas Lechowski.


breathe Written and Directed by Paul Kowalski / AFI


Dr. Filip Kardel is a Polish neurosurgeon practicing in America. After his wife, Ania, dies in a tragic accident, Filip is left widowed and alone. As he struggles to function normally and return to work, his memories of Ania and the tragedy begin to overwhelm him, threatening to derail his life and destroy him.




THe Outer Space

THE OUTER SPACE for 12 violins, composed and performed by Lucas Lechowski.

Composition consists of twelve violin tracks where each part is a single note line but all lines together create the enclosed area, playground for the violin harmonics. Lines meet each other and go beyond each other at the same time.

itunes Released on 'Millennial Masters II' by Ablaze Records. BUY HERE


UN Mundo para Raul Written and Directed by: Mauro Mueller / FILDELIO FILMS

When thirteen-year-old Raul is asked to entertain the local landowner's son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys.

UMPRimdb www.unmundopararaul.com

Student Academy Award winner

Perfidia Written and Directed By: David Figueroa García / FIDELIO FILMS

Lázaro’s infatuation with his boss’ daughter becomes an obsession when the hierarchies of the house shift and might allow him to act on his desire.

PerfidiaIMDB www.fideliofims.com

DGA’s 19th Annual Student Film Awards - winner, 2014 Student Academy Award ® semifinalist  





WASTE PAPER Written and Directed By: Derrick Pete

A cartoon illustration, tossed by his Animator, enters a world where the other throw-aways come to life. He and a newfound friend battle the Animator's inner voice to avoid a fate worse than death, being forgotten.

TouchIMDB musicdiary.com/waste-paper/




TOUCH Written and Directed By: Lulu Wang / FILM INDEPENDENT, Flying Box Productions

An elderly Chinese man’s cultural ignorance gets him in serious trouble when he touches a young American boy in a public restroom. Despite his non-sexual intentions, the man is alienated by both the legal system and his American-raised son as he struggles to make the context of this “innocent” touch understood.

Based on a true story, “Touch” deals with an extremely taboo subject that’s lost in the cultural gap between father and son, while it examines the limited capacity for sensitivity across major cultural boundaries in the American judicial system.

TouchIMDB www.touch.com



THE CUDDLE WORKSHOP (A Quintet) Directed By: Mauro Mueller

Segment in 'A quintet', an omnibus feature told from the perspective of five international up and coming filmmakers who are searching to find identity in the modern world.

TouchIMDB www.aquintet.com


DAY OF THE GUNWritten and Directed by Wayne Shipley

Day of the Gun is told in flashback by eighty-year-old Simon Doubleday, former editor of the Singletree Enterprize.  He returns to Singletree in 1926 to find it a ghost town.  As he and his grandson sift through what remains of what was his office, Simon tells the story of Singletree, its lighter moments and the range war that hurt so many people. 

TouchIMDB www.dayofthegun.com

Day Of the Gun Orignal Soundtrack


FingerspielWritten and Directed by Mauro Mueller / FIDELIO FILMS

A middle-aged woman struggles with the waning desire of her husband while forced to take care of his developmentally disabled nephew.

TouchIMDB www.fideliofims.com


MIddle East


Fractal Dimension

Sketches From Virtual Space - FRACTAL DIMENSION

Fractal Dimension. The main idea and inspiration for this piece is exploration of the concept of musical infinity, inspired by the mathematically infinite world of fractals – substance and structure of cyberspace.


HALLELUIAH for violin. Performed and composed by Lucas Lechowski for Gail Langstroth, eurythmist



TRUsT ME Directed by Pete Pepe

After her parents tragically died in a car crash, Lily is adopted and raised by Jeff, the driver of the other car. Jeff's young wife did not survive the accident, and unable to bare the pain of his loss, Jeff becomes a religious lunatic who projects his delusions onto Lily and makes her life a living hell. Looking for an escape, Lily becomes a well known burlesque dancer, losing herself nightly in a world of mystery and passion. Her life seems perfect and carefree, but the physical and emotional abuse she suffers makes it nearly impossible for her to have any kind of personal relationships with men. Everything changes when she meets Nate, a fiery young police officer with a troubled childhood that he can't forget. They fall into an affair that spins out of control, as everything they once believed in beings to change... Will they choose faith or fear?





SCARY LULLABY performed by Aisling Murphy, Lyrics by Elio Scaccio, violin Lucas Lechowski


UNITY - INTO HARMONICS. For violin and piano.

The idea is to get deeper into the sound and to find its inner melody. The violin line is naturally 'amplified' by the piano layer by exploring harmonics. Composed and performed by Lucas Lechowski.


the lost Tapes Directed by Antoine Manceaux / FIAT LUX for ADOBE



COnnie Imboden - A sense of Water

Violin Octet



WRINKLES - electronically 'wrinkled' acoustic sound space for violin solo and electronics

'Wrinkles is an electro - acoustic piece where live (clean) violin sound is ‘wrinkled’ by various electronic sound processing methods (preprogrammed in an audio editing software).

Wrinkles is based on an idea of confronting sound qualities and values: clean, acoustic sound on the one hand and the possibilities of the music production on the other. Brought together create a collage of both worlds. The sound of the violin is bended, curved, distorted, and modulated; it is ‘sculpted’ by electronic sound processing methods.

Composed performed and programmed by Lucas Lechowski.




Looking for the pony
Written by Andrea Lepcio
Directed by Catherine Tripp
/ Venus Theatre




Traffic - a piece commissioned by Baltimore Museum of Art


Paper wrap fireWritten and Directed by Raymond Yeung
A Chinese teenager is left alone in a Community Center where he encounters a handsome man which leads to a discovery that shatters his innocence.


I Love My Girrrl

A Birthday Song for my girl.



AGAINST NIGHT nominated for 2015 Student Academy Awards ® Best Narrative Film!


TOUCH - in the finals of NBCU Film Festival


BAD GUYS availbale to watch on theNBC PLAYGROUND website



PERFIDIA wins DGA’s 19th Annual Student Film Awards and is a 2014 Student Academy Awards ® semifinalist  



Tom Brokaw Special:  Where Were You: The Day JFK Died airs on Friday, November 22nd, at 9 pm ET, NBC

NBC MARKS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF JFK’S ASSASSINATION WITH THE “TOM BROKAW SPECIAL: WHERE WERE YOU?” a two-hour documentary that takes a look back at November 22, 1963, the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. By combining archival footage with unique, first person stories of those who lived through it, “Where Were You?” offers a new perspective on what was and what might have been, since November 22, 1963. Read more...


‘Un Mundo Para Raul’ wins STUDENT ACADEMY AWARD!



Sundance Institute Composers Lab at the Skywalker Ranch

Lucas selected, among 6 fellow composers, to participate in the Sundance Composers Lab (Feature Film) at Skywalker Ranch. Read more…




Selected to Participate in BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS 2014




W Stanach Zjednoczonych zagrałem z moimi idolami (PL)

Amerykańskie Stowarzyszenie Kompozytorów, Autorów i Wydawców (ASCAP) umieściło pochodzącego z Bielska-Białej Łukasza Lechowskiego na liście "Composer Spotlight - Composers to Watch"... czytaj dalej


Baltimore Museum of Art: Contemporary wing opens

Lucas was commissioned to write music for the Smartphone Tour


"Sketches from Virtual Space’ published in CYBEREmphaty Visual & Media Studies Academic Journal

Sketches from Virtual Space’ is a musical part of the research on the ‘sounds of cyberspace’, the unrevealed world of cyberspatial architecture, geometry and philosophy.


Selected for The Society of Composers and Lyricists Mentorship Program





Selected for the ASCAP/NYU Film Scoring Workshop


Selected for the ASCAP/Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop


'The Outer Space' released on Millennial Masters Vol.2

itunes Available on iTunes





Lucas Lechowski is a Polish born composer, violinist and guitarist. He started his career as a classical violinist, performing with various ensembles and touring Europe with orchestras (The Yehudi Menuhin's International Youth Orchestra Academy in Bayreuth among others). In his professional life his passion and curiosity for music led him to explore many genres of music. He has been performing and recording music with classical, jazz, folk, rock and heavy metal groups. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland, receiving: B.A. in Violin Performance, M.A. in Jazz Violin Performance, and M.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance.

Lucas has created numerous projects showcased at music festivals, film festivals and art galleries. His experimental projects involve technology combined with improvised music and image. The debut multimedia project Hello was critically acclaimed in Poland; Sketches from Virtual Space, project that explores music and architecture of cyberspace was recently published in art, science and new media magazine CyberEmphaty.
He also creates experimental pieces of music: The Outer Space (for 12 violins was released on a classical album Millennial Masters I, published by Ablaze Records); Unity, explores violin and piano harmonics and semitones, and Wrinkles is an experimental juxtaposition of digital sound processing (‘wrinkling’) and acoustic violin sound. He also wrote Traffic and Minimal for the contemporary wing of the Baltimore Museum of Arts.

Most recently Lucas scored several award winning short movies: Gloom, Rub, Fingerspiel and Un mundo para Raul (written and directed by Mauro Mueller) which won the Student Academy Award (2013). Currently he is working on a feature TV special Where Were You? for NBC commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of President Kennedy, and a feature film. 

He was honored to be among selectees of the several most prestigious film music fellowships and workshops. In 2012 he was selected for the ASCAP/Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop. Among program mentors was Alex Steyermark (Malcolm X) and Dennis Dreith (Braveheart).
Also in 2012 he was selected for the NYU/ASCAP Television & Film Scoring Workshop, spearheaded by Sean Callery (24, Bones, Homeland) and featuring NYU film composer-in-residence Ira Newborn (Naked Gun) and Mark Snow (X-Files, Blue Bloods).

In 2013 he was selected a fellow of Sundance Institute Composers Lab, which takes place at the Skywalker Ranch and is mentored by Peter Golub (Frozen River), Tomas Newman (Skyfall, American Beauty), Mark Isham (Crash), among others.
In January 2013 Lucas was chosen to participate in The Society of Composers and Lyricists' Mentorship Program and relocated to Los Angeles where he currently resides.






Lucas Lechowski

lucas at lucaslechowski.com

+ 1 (818) 809-7033







© Lucas Lechowski